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Design is the heart of any product and company. Having an amazing design on every level will attract and retain people using your application. From prototypes to pixel-perfect designs I take your imagination and turn it into reality.


It took years to learn how to code and learn the language of developers. Building great teams allows me to take on any project big or small. Each line of code is written with well backed thought, understanding, and experience.


Offensive and Defensive security needs to be implemented in any product and company. Set up pen testing hacks to see where your network and systems are vulnerable so I can provide a plan on how to secure your most precious data.

Who am I?

Samuel Bifalco

I am a Product Strategist specializing in helping startups to larger entities leverage technology to reach and maintain a sustained competitive advantage.


Mobile Services

I make it my business to learn your business. My capabilities span a vast array of technologies with a primary focus on saving your company; stress, time, effort, and money using my S.T.E.M Process. I create customized technological solutions through strategic planning and implement them throughout your product or company.

Have an Idea?

Ideas come and go. If there is a special idea that you want to explore, my process will give you the feedback, guidance, and resources to understand if the product has value. My consulting process consists of 6 points that ensure your idea will become a marketable product.








I provide product strategizing services for your product and or company. I work with a team that will take the time and dedication your project deserves. I take part in every aspect of the services I provide, and help project manage the entire process.