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My name is Samuel Bifalco and I’m
A Product Strategist

My Mission

To provide world-class security solutions centered around technology in the medical, financial, and defense industries.

My Vision

To seek partnerships and funding for internal products. Consult with like minded individuals to build software that will protect companies information and security assets.

Knowledge and Skills
Mixed with Great Advisors
Equal Successful Products


Best UX/UI Design principles will be applied to your project, from pixel perfect prototypes, to completed screens. I think about usability and professionalism in each component that gets added to your product.

Identity Design

I understand that an identifiable and recognizable brand is essential in successfully introducing innovative ideas to the public. Your unique branding and your product are developed simultaneously, guaranteeing the consistency and authenticity that generates public support.

Product Strategizing

Have a product already but need help taking it to the next level. My strategizing services will evaluate your product and create a plan that will outline the necessary steps to take that product to the next level.


Your product can be created in one of many ways. I ask the right questions in order to find out what will benefit your particular product. The many languages, frameworks, and technology will keep anyone guessing where to start.

Web Design & Development

The basis for any successful new software or technology is a relevant, user-friendly website. Your website is your client’s first impression of your business – I make sure it’s a strong one.

Technology Strategizing

To better serve your needs, I also offer Technology Strategizing services. If you have questions regarding the potential of an idea, its profitability, or it’s development process, I offer quick and confidential consultations.


With the ever increasing threat landscape, Information Security is a must in any product and business. My knowledge will apply the best security policies and principles within your product, mitigating risk and potential attacks.

Penetration Testing

Want me to hack your product or business? I offer white hack hacking services that will show you the vulnerabilities in your system. With documented reports and a plan of action, I will help improve your overall security.

Startup Strategizing

Have an idea you want to turn into a website or mobile application startup company? I have a proven track record of successful collaboration in the building and launching of startups. I work closely with you from start to finish, offering fresh perspective on possible directions for your business.